How WORKlove Used Pesto To Help Build A World Class Marketing Agency

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, creativity, and hard WORK❤️”

Pesto Use Cases

WORKlove used Pesto to hire two software engineers that delivered quality work at an affordable price.

The two Pesto students WORKlove hired have become a core part of the team, not just another contractor.


At Pesto, we have been grateful to help a variety of amazing companies build their team and grow their business by connecting them with our talented Pesto software engineering graduates.

Today we wanted to highlight one of our hiring partners WORKlove’s experience with Pesto.

About WorkLove

WORKlove is a full service marketing agency based in Little Rock Arkansas, with offices and employees around the globe. In addition to their office in Little Rock, they are also opening new locations in both Dallas and Singapore.

WORKlove has worked with world class clients such as Budweiser, Wells Fargo, GE, SYFY, and more, offering brand, design, and media services for all their customer’s unique business needs.

As an agile team, WORKlove values employees who are exceptional both in the work they do and the character and passion they possess.

Why Hiring Is So Challenging

For many businesses, the hiring process is often a hit or miss for finding both quality and the right culture fit and remains a major challenge for companies looking to scale.

Unfortunately, many businesses haven’t had the best experience when hiring remotely and it has damaged the reputation of many otherwise talented employees around the world.

As CEO of WORKlove David Hudson shared with the PESTO team, “I hired contract before but was not in love with it. A lot of the contractors I was hiring, the quality level I was getting was not where I wanted it to be… and the expense was quite a bit higher.”

Hiring a quality team requires that you have a reliable and quality pipeline in which you can find the perfect fit for your job openings. Pesto aims to train the best software engineering talent in India and connect them with some of the most successful startups and tech companies in the US. 

Having hired two Pesto graduates to help grow WORKlove operations, David was surprised at how quickly they fit right in, “I mean, right out of the gate. Just really, really positive with people that I’m grateful are part of my organization.”

A Part of The Team

Many times when a company hires remote workers, they do so on a temporary basis. But when working with Pesto, David felt that the two graduates he hired quickly became a true part of the team.

“You know with other contractors I’ve hired, it’s kind of like, well, you know, maybe I’m glad this is a temporary thing. But the guys that I hired with Pesto, they can stay with me as long as they want. If they keep working like this, they’ve got jobs forever. As long as I have a job.”

While many companies focus on bringing in more employees as they scale, reducing turnover internally can save significant amounts of money, and help build a healthy and vibrant company culture. 

Pesto graduates are ready to fully integrate and join companies who are building products and services that bring value to the world. 

Coding and Beyond

When hiring for a new role, finding candidates that are not only technically skilled but also possess a variety of essential soft skills is more crucial than ever before.

Top talent that doesn’t get along with the rest of the team can severely damage company culture and reduce productivity as a result.

When asked about one of the best parts of working with Pesto, David immediately mentioned Pesto grads soft skills training, “Pesto makes it to where working with somebody overseas that would otherwise come from a very different background, very different mentality, very different culture, integrated with my company, my culture, instantly[…] So yeah, I guess I would say kudos to Pesto on the soft skills training because it seems obvious to me that that’s working.

At Pesto, we work to help our students not only become better software engineers but be well equipped to handle the many challenges of leading and communicating in a fast paced business world.

The Future of WORKlove

Although WORKlove had hired remote workers before Pesto, their experience with two Pesto grads reminded them how valuable hiring remotely could be for both company productivity and culture.

“So far it’s done exactly what I hoped it would do in the sense that I was able to very quickly get high quality developers at a decent price that I feel like are part of my team. So my next hires will very likely be Pesto hires.”

We are incredibly proud to have worked with WORKlove and are excited to see their agency continue to grow at a global scale.

WorkLove is hiring! Be sure to check out their career page and case studies.

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