When is the best time to join Pesto ?

Our current programs are only suitable for experienced engineers – and it’s by design.

The aim is to build on your experience and help you get better so that you get international opportunities in line with your capabilities.

We get a lot of applications from experienced engineers with varying objectives

  1. To find a new job
  2. To find a higher paying job
  3. To work at a product company
  4. To work at a high growth startup
  5. To work remotely for a US based / international company
  6. To change their career track to the latest tech stacks
  7. A mix of one or more of the above.

And some of them want it now, preferably on the back of their current experience and without having to put in too much of additional effort of learning / superskilling to higher standards.

At Pesto, we evolved from a high margin consulting business to education.

The consulting business was high margin because companies were willing to pay for top talent – which we had painstakingly trained over time.

Time – that’s what it takes.

A lot of engineers in India have great potential and raw talent – Our programs help them get better on multiple fronts over a period of time.

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Logical and Problem Solving Skills
  • Coding at par with international standards
  • Advanced concepts
  • Essential skills for working remotely (e.g. effective over-communication asynchronously )
  • Superior written and spoken communication
  • Leadership traits ( e.g. ownership, intrinsic motivation etc )
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • and a whole host of essentials which help you become a better engineer.

Developing all this takes time, and effort on the part of our engineers.

And just preparing for ‘DS Algos’ sporadically when you are looking for a job immediately is usually not helpful.

There is a saying – “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now”

In a similar vein, the best time to join Pesto is right now while you are employed at work and not actively looking at changing your job immediately.

Or if you are looking to change jobs for better prospects in the next 6 to 9 months.

Starting now will give you enough time to superskill yourself so that you ultimately become capable to find any job that you want – and on your own terms.

It will give you enough time to learn about the ‘Unknown unknowns’ – the latest stuff in a fast changing tech universe where a lot of people don’t even know what they don’t know.


Pesto is not just about finding a high paying remote job – Infact, if that’s your only motivation, then we probably aren’t a great fit for you.

For us, it’s about transforming engineers into lifelong learners with the ability to tackle and solve any problems thrown at them.

It’s about developing a growth mindset along with top notch technical skills.

It’s about become a better version of yourself.

All of which takes time to do.

And then you have the Pesto Community – A network of super talented engineers, who are learners and givers and help you become not only a highly skilled engineer but a better human being as well.

After your first break to a higher paying job, Pesto helps you constantly learn about the latest developments in cutting edge tech, directly from the folks building them.

If you lose your job, we also help you find a new one – Does your college / alma mater offer you anything substantial after you graduated in terms of career services ?

So yes, if you haven’t experienced Pesto as yet, we recommend you give it a try.

The best part – it’s completely risk free and costs you nothing upfront to experience it and then decide if you would like to put in the effort to better yourself.

You only pay for the performance after you have got a new job at least a 1.5x to 2x multiple of your current salary. E.g. if you are earning Rs 10 lakhs right now, you will only pay Pesto a share of your income after you get a job > Rs 15 lakhs.

The catch – You need to have atleast 2 years of relevant work experience in either frontend, backend or full stack engineering with a strong foundation in Javascript to be able to benefit most from our Pesto Remote program

Click here apply for the Pesto REMOTE program if you fit the bill.

If you are a senior engineer with > 5+ years of experience in web applications engineering / building products for the internet, and would like play in the big leagues at a global level, we recommend exploring our Pesto PRO program.

For those of you who are still in college or just starting out with their careers (< 2 years experience) we are working on launching Pesto LEARN to help you get started. We appreciate your love, support and immense faith in us that encourages us to do better everyday.