The Rs 50 Lakhs Challenge

Are you a software engineer with 4 to 10 years of experience ?
Do you think you can earn Rs 50 lakhs and above, sitting right here in India ?


Apply to join Pesto at and find out if you have it in you.

The Long Version

Last year, we launched Pesto Residency – an intensive 12 week training program in advanced javascript, live project development, open source contributions and other soft and key skills needed to excel in international remote jobs at Silicon Valley startups and top indian companies.

The impact has been phenomenal, and with average salaries of Rs 30+ lakhs, the careers of a lot of our graduates have been accelerated.

It’s a new paradigm in Pay-for-Performance education where if you don’t get a job with a significant salary jump, you pay nothing for it.

For example, till you didn’t get a job at a salary of atleast Rs 15 lakhs after Pesto Residency, you didn’t pay anything for the education and skills you learnt.

And once your salary crossed that limit, you only paid 17% of your income.

It’s a win-win situation where we make money, only when you make significantly more money compared to your old job.

The early adopters who took the risk are now reaping rich dividends, not only with exciting job profiles at hot product companies but with salary increases ranging from 3x to even 10x in some cases.

More than the money, its the chance to make meaningful contributions and work on interesting products and ideas using the latest technologies

This year, we are raising the bar higher.

One key hindrance to joining Pesto Residency was the requirement for full time commitment – which meant one had to leave their current jobs and move to Delhi to do the program.

With the launch of our new program, Pesto PRO, that limitation has been removed.

You can now join Pesto to accelerate your career without quitting your job

Pesto PRO is a 20 week program for senior software engineers to learn industry relevant skills and access rich opportunities to accelerate their career.

With Pesto PRO, you not only learn advanced Javascript, but also Architecture and Design, Security, Scalability and other stuff to build large scale products and services on a global scale.

And the same Pay-For-Performance model applies – Til you get a job with a salary greater than 1.5x your current salary, you don’t pay Pesto anything.

E.g. if your current salary is Rs 30 lakhs, you won’t pay Pesto any money till you get a job with a salary of at-least Rs 45 lakhs – only after which you pay 17% of your income for a maximum period of 3 years with a cap of 20 lakhs.

All of this with ZERO downside for you:
1.) You keep your current job so no income loss
2.) The training is free upfront – so you don’t pay if your salary does not increase
3.) Tax efficient structure – so when your new salary > 1.5x, your net take home is not impacted much as a major part of the amount payable to Pesto is offset by tax savings.

If you are software engineer based in either Bangalore / Delhi NCR, have between 4 to 10 years of relevant experience in full stack web development / engineering, and would like to find out if you can make Rs 50 lakhs or more, visit to apply or enter your details below.

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