Sourabh Modi – Onward and Upward

There is a tribe of people courageous enough to follow their passion. Sourabh is one of them.

Sourabh’s story embodies the term ‘Onward and Upward’ ( Google it 🙂

Hailing from Bikaner in Rajasthan, Sourabh was ambitious from the start and wanted to leave a mark in the world. The IIT’s seemed like a good place to start but unfortunately he wasn’t able to join the engineering program.

He completed his undergrad degree in Computer Science from Jaypee University and then went on to do a Masters from IIT Kanpur.

Starting his career with Oracle, he soon moved to Flipkart as SDE II and got a chance to work on some very interesting projects including building some of the incredibly scalable systems for handing Big Billion Days.

Life was good but his heart was also yearning for home since it had been quite a while he had been away from his family while building his career.

He was looking for a sustainable model that would balance his need of being close to his family while also meeting his career aspirations.

So he quit Flipkart and moved back to his home town as a freelancer – It was good going initially and he was enjoying being close to his family, but he soon discovered a darker side to freelancing – Constantly looking for new projects, uncertain payments, irregular income cycles and working alone was a bit isolating compared to his previous gigs.

It was during this time that he saw an ad for Pesto – It sounded too good to be true and he almost dismissed it for a scam but decided to apply – there was nothing to lose after all by applying but lots to gain 🙂

He took a leap of faith and joined Pesto, and boy are we glad that he did 🙂

Calmly contemplating a solution to a vexing problem 🙂

Sourabh is a joy to have as part of our community – His calm demeanour, focussed drive and intense work ethic is very inspiring.

Almost every partner wanted to interview him and he got multiple offers, but he was pretty clear about what he wanted and chose to wait it out till he got the right job.

Today, he works remotely from Coimbatore with a couple of other grads from Pesto at a very promising startup called and is thoroughly enjoying it.

Not only does he get more time to spend with his family but he has also almost tripled his salary since his days as a SDE II at Flipkart and is pretty happy with how is ‘onward and upward’ journey is shaping up.

Connect with him at LinkedIn here if you would like to pick his brains or hang out with him – Just don’t try to recruit him at the moment 🙂

To now join Pesto, you don’t even have to take a leap of faith – Our Pesto PRO program for senior engineers is part time and does not require you to quit your job.

We have also raised the bar – Read more about The Rs 50 lakh Challenge here >> 🙂

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