Pesto X – The Coding Challenge

Pesto X – The Pesto Coding Challenge is an initiative to help you test your programming skills, win exciting prizes and accelerate your career to land great jobs with hot Silicon Valley startups and top Indian companies.

Who is eligible to participate ?

Anyone who has between 1 – 7 years of relevant web application development experience and knows Javascript well ( the language used in the challenge will be Javascript )

Why You Should Participate ?

Pesto is a career accelerator where we super skill smart full stack web developers / engineers via our Full Time ( 12 weeks ) or Part Time ( 20 weeks) programs.

The program’s curriculum includes:

  • Advanced Javascript concepts used for building highly scalable products
  • International Coding Standards used by top Silicon Valley startups
  • Soft, Team and Leadership skills required to work with global remote teams

And the best part is that there is ZERO upfront cost for selected candidates who join the program.


  • Participating in the Pesto X challenge will help you:
  • Determine if Pesto is suitable for you.
  • Meet Pesto graduates and learn about their experience
  • Get all your questions answered ( What kinds of jobs you can expect, salary levels, how the income share agreement works etc etc )

But I am already experienced and not looking for a training program ?

Pesto is for folks who have experience and isn’t really another plain vanilla training program.

Pesto is a community where ‘learning to learn’ is the key thread that connects us lifelong learners.

Pesto is about super skilling in advanced skills and learning about leading edge technologies powering highly scalable products and services

At the pace at which the world and tech is changing, there is always something new to learn and those who don’t constantly unlearn, learn and relearn may find it difficult to thrive in thrive

Also, think about it – If you are good, Are you currently getting what you are worth ?

Pesto not only powers better financial rewards but also an opportunity to work on challenging projects that excite and drive growth.

Learn more about Pesto at

Sounds Interesting – What’s going to be in the Challenge ?

The challenge will have about 3-5 questions which you need to finish within the stipulated time frame.

The programming language will be Javascript and will test various areas including logical thinking, your approach to problem solving and your level of expertise in Javascript ( both front and backend )

Note: The challenge will be held online and you will need the following:

1.) Laptop with a fast internet connection and working camera / audio mic
2.) The app
3.) You need to be in a quiet place alone for the duration of the challenge
4.) This is an individual assessment so friends are not allowed to assist you.

What are the prizes ?

1.) Outstanding performers get a fast track entry to Pesto’s final round
2.) Rs 2500 Amazon Gift Vouchers for top 5 – 10 scorers
3.) Access to full time remote job opportunities with US companies for select candidates with exceptional expertise and experience.

See past winners of the last editions here here >>

Another great upside will be finding how good you are and a benchmark you can set to compete with your self and start your personal growth journey to get what you deserve.

Where and When is it going to be held ?

1st Edition – 10th October – Done
2nd Edition – 22nd October – Done
3rd Edition – Dates to be announced.

Awesome – How do I register to participate in Pesto X ?

Please visit to register and apply.

In the box, “How Did you hear about Us” mention Pesto X – We will then notify you as the dates for the next event is announced.

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