Pesto Office Hours

Interested in joining Pesto but still have some unanswered questions ?

Come join us for Pesto Office Hours at our Gurgaon office on the 19th of October from 11 am onwards.

Some of the questions you can expect to have answered include:

  • What is the value that I can expect by joining Pesto ?
  • Is it worth quitting my current job for 3 months to join Pesto ?
  • What is the lifestyle / work like after Pesto ?
  • Should I join the full time or the part time batch ?
  • What are the types of jobs that I can expect ?
  • What are sort of salaries that I can expect ?
  • What does Pesto guarantee ? And doesn’t guarantee ?
  • What has been the experiences of some of the past students ?
  • etc etc

Pesto has changed lives in unimaginable ways – stuff people thought was almost impossible.

Get a sneak peak into the future that potentially awaits you.

If you are wondering why we are hosting Office hours, one of recent graduates shared his experience and appreciation on LinkedIn and was swamped with similar questions – Sumit starts his new job today and won’t have much time to patiently answer everyone’s questions – So we thought Office Hours would make everyone’s life easier. especially yours 🙂

Enter your details below to register or visit to apply directly.

Note: Pesto’s programs are currently suitable only for Full Stack Web Application Developers / Engineers in the Javascript ( React / Node ) stack with 2 – 5 years of relevant live work experience.

If you are a fresher or recent graduate, we are most likely not ready for you as yet.
However, if you have been a self learner with Javascript running in your blood and have built some live / scalable web applications, we encourage you to apply.

Incase you are not available on 19th October, Saturday to make the trip to our office, you still apply on our website to join our programs

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