Pesto Learn

Pesto’s current programs – Pesto PRO and Pesto Remote are designed for experienced engineers who want to superskill themselves to go from good to great and become proficient to break into international high tech careers.

However, we have seen incredible interest from a lot of college students, freshers, engineers with lesser experience or expertise in alternate tech stacks who would like to join our programs.

It’s broken our hearts a lot, every time we had to inform someone that we didn’t have a program that would help someone get started on the journey to become a full stack engineer

We are very happy to announce that we will be shortly launching Pesto LEARN – a self paced learning program to get you started.

1.) Who is course suitable for ?

College Students, Freshers, beginners or experienced engineers in other domains who would like to start their journey in full-stack engineering and web application development.

2.) What and how will you learn ?

Everything that you need to learn to become either a front end, back end or a full-stack engineer in the Javascript stack ( React, Node, Mongo, etc )

You will start right from the basics and progress to building web applications. Learning will be self paced via structured open source learning resources.

Pesto will provide the following:

  • Structured Learning Plan
  • Weekly Live Feedback sessions
  • Doubt clearing and hand holding for areas where you get stuck
  • Mentorship and Guidance

3.) How long will it take to complete the course ?

We believe that every individual is unique and has varying level of strengths and commitments.

The course delivery style and duration will be flexible and it’s up to you to decide, the amount of effort you want to put in to achieve the level of mastery you need to get started..

4.) What happens after the course ?

After you complete the course, you are expected to become proficient enough to get

  • Paid Internships at product companies (if you are currently a student )
  • Jobs in frontend, backend or full-stack engineering roles.

This work experience will lay the foundation to hone your skills further, get some experience in working with live products at scale so that you can move onto our advanced programs in the near future and move onto higher paying jobs.

5.) How much will it cost ?

The cost will be announced at the launch and there will also be scholarships for deserving students.

6.) What Next ?

Get on the waitlist 🙂

Each batch will have limited seats with dedicated Instructors and Mentors to ensure that every student receives adequate support and personalised guidance and

If you would like to get on the waitlist, please enter your details below. You will be sent a notification when this course launches.