16 Must Read Books For Remote Teams

There are many great things about working remotely. From getting serious work done at your favorite coffee shop or jumping on a team meeting in your favorite pajamas, to spending time with your furry friend when you need a break.

Yet despite all the benefits, working remotely has it’s drawbacks. 

From staying motivated, to communicating effectively with your team, remote work can be hard.

Fortunately, there a handful of fantastic books that can help ensure you are at the top of your game. 

We’ve put together a list of must-read books and resources for entrepreneurs and businesses who are building a distributed team.

The Lean Startup

Nearing a decade since its original publication, The Lean Startup by Eric Reis is an excellent primer on how to build and ship products quickly and effectively. The “Lean Startup” way has become an essential part of some of the most successful organizations today. 

For small startups and remote teams looking to get the most out of limited resources, The Lean Startup is a fantastic resource to improve the systems of your business and your life.


The Power of Habit

It’s no secret that your daily habits have a profound effect on your productivity, happiness, and even health.

While working remotely provides many benefits, the additional freedom of being able to work from home or on the road can lead to poor habits if you’re not careful.

Considered by many the de facto book on changing your habits, the Power of Habit is a great read for those looking to gain an edge and build good habits.

The Checklist Manifesto

Having the right systems in place for your business and team is crucial regardless of what type of company you’re building. But when it comes to working remotely, it’s especially important to have all your processes explicitly defined.

The Checklist Manifesto examines how organizations across a variety of industries such as in aviation and healthcare, improved performance and reduced errors by leveraging the power of checklists in their day to day operations.

Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations provides an actionable framework for having difficult conversations with your coworkers and those in your inner circle.

Packed with dozens of real-world examples and specific strategies for handling even the most difficult of situations, Crucial Conversations is a must-read for anyone looking to communicate better. 

With communication being a challenge for many remote teams, this book is a great resource to have at your disposal.


Non Violent Communication

Another excellent book on how to communicate more effectively, Non Violent Communication is a wonderful resource for communicating both personally and professionally.

Understanding that communication comes down to satisfying core human needs, you can navigate otherwise tricky situations in a way that presents a win-win scenario for all people and parties involved.

The majority of conflict stems from miscommunication, and working to address those areas can help resolve issues an effective way.

HBR Guide To Better Business Writing

Communicating effectively in a business environment is crucial. Unfortunately, many of us have not invested the time to improve our ability to capture attention, write important emails, and even strike the appropriate tone.

The HBR Guide To Better Business Writing is an incredibly actionable resource for those looking to improve the way they communicate at work.

For those building remote teams, implementing just a few of the suggestions can significantly improve communication across teams and timezones.

Getting Things Done

An all-time classic for productivity, Getting Things Done by David Allen has sold millions of copies and and for good reason.

Many times overwhelm in our personal and professional lives stems from not having a reliable system to capture the actions we need to take.

Getting Things Done is a simple productivity system that anyone can learn to implement and quickly improve productivity.

The One Thing

From exploring the latest marketing strategies for your business to trying to accomplish your seemingly endless todo list, there are hundreds of things that you could be doing with your day.

And yet, despite being more ‘busy’ than ever, many days we don’t make any considerable progress towards our goals. The One Thing explores the power of focus and pursuing the things in your business and life that matter most.

Deep Work

In an age of constant distraction, it can be challenging to set aside time to focus on what author Cal Newport calls ‘Deep Work.’ Whether it be checking email, being interrupted by a coworker, or getting constant notifications on your phone, distraction is costly.

Deep work shares how the secret to getting ahead is doing deep work consistently and lays out an actionable blueprint on how to move the needle on what matters most.


The Power of Full Engagement

What’s the secret to getting more done? Is it having the perfect morning routine? Is it having every minute of your calendar booked?

In The Power of Full Engagement, James E. Loehr and Tony Schwartz make the case that being focused and managing your energy levels is the most important aspect of being a top performer.

Knowing when to work on specific tasks can help you accomplish more while being less stressed — a fantastic read for any remote worker trying to make the most of their day.

The Circle

One of the few fiction books on this list, The Circle shares the impact of social media on our culture today. Is being more connected than ever before really a good thing? How can we find peace in an always-on world?

A true page turner, The Circle examines some of the consequences of a world becoming more and more digital by the day.


Super Thinking

There’s a reason why some of the most successful people today rely on mental models to help make better decisions and avoid common traps of human thinking.

Super Thinking is an accessible and easy to understand guide to some of the most helpful mental heuristics based on science and riveting real-world examples.

Internalizing just a few of the mental modes discussed can help you navigate the challenging world of business and life.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

An all-time classic, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People lays out the 7 key habits that will help propel you forward in your career, relationships, health, and more.

From being proactive, to ‘sharpening the saw,’ you’re guaranteed to walk away, seeing life in an entirely different light.

This is a great read for anyone looking to improve their habits and systems in business and at home. 


If you’ve ever had one of those days where ‘everything just clicked,’ you’ve been in a state of what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls ‘flow.’ Getting into flow can have a profound effect on our happiness, productivity, and the quality of our relationships.

Unfortunately, with so many distractions and stressors in today’s world, it can be difficult to find flow consistently. This book shows you how to do exactly that.

Profit First

According to Mike Michalowicz, how we look at business is broken. In this incredibly insightful book, Michalowicz examines an entirely new way to view your company that has helped thousands of business owners to transform their business.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet despite incredible growth, you’ll definitely want to give this actionable book a read.

Daily Rituals

If you’ve ever been interested in the habits and rituals of the most successful people this planet has ever known, you’ll love Daily Rituals.

Jam-packed with rituals and routines from dozens of highly ambitious individuals over the last 100 years, you’ll walk away with endless insights on how to improve your own daily routine.

Given it can often be difficult to build a routine while working remotely, this is a must-read.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur working remotely or building a remote team, these books will help you get more done and stay sane in the process.

What are your favorite books to help you get ahead in business and life? Let us know in the comments below.

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