How Healthcare Startup Clipboard Health Used Pesto To Hire Quality Talent Quickly

Clipboard Health – A Top Staffing Agency for The Healthcare Industry

Founded and headquartered in San Francisco, Clipboard Health provides top quality healthcare staffing in the form of nursing and allied health staff nationwide. A high growth startup, they are backed by both YCombinator and Initialized Capital. 

Clipboard Health is aiming to transform the healthcare industry by making staffing more reliable, affordable, and easy for facilities and healthcare professionals.

Pesto Use Cases

Clipboard Health hired multiple Pesto graduates to fill their software engineering needs quickly and reliably.

Pesto graduates came prepared and ready to integrate with Clipboard Health’s remote work culture.

We had a chance to sit down with Max Lu, CTO of Clipboard Health, and learn about their experience being a Pesto hiring partner.

An Improved Talent Pool

One of the most challenging aspects of hiring is the variability of talent quality. Sometimes a recommendation from a professional connection will be excellent, and other times, the quality just isn’t there. Establishing a baseline of reliable potential candidates can help reduce the time spent on reviewing candidates who are not a good fit. 

While hiring from internal recommendations did provide some great initial references initially, the process was quite time consuming overall. Additionally, although many of the references were quality suggestions, not all were relevant to their specific hiring needs at the time.

Given the fast growth of Clipboard Health, the team needed to hire quickly and not sacrifice on the quality of talent. Looking through Pesto’s vetted batch of graduates helped ensure Clipboard Health could reach out and interview those who had the skills to fit their immediate open roles, saving significant amounts of time throughout the hiring process.

Before partnering with Pesto, Clipboard Health relied primarily on word of mouth for hiring. 

As Max Lu shared with the Pesto team, “Pesto has been an invaluable source of reliable engineering talent that is refreshingly curated when the alternative is sifting through the sea of job applications.”

High Quality Talent Ready To Make An Impact

One of the things the Clipboard Health team loved about their very first Pesto hire was that he was able to be proactive in solving problems before they occurred. “Our first hire was able to foresee issues, and break down larger problems into smaller parts that could be easily solved,” said Max Lu.

Not only are Pesto graduates proficient in what you would expect from a high-quality dev, but Pesto students also complete a rigorous curriculum on soft skills, which aids in ensuring high level communication, productivity, and more.

While other placement agencies may provide a short term fix for startups hiring needs, Pesto graduates are ready to commit to joining companies full time — immediately becoming an essential part of the team.

Hands On Care From Pesto

According to Max Lu, one of the best parts about working with Pesto the level of involvement throughout the entire process. Pesto is constantly finding valuable candidates for Clipboard Health’s open roles. 

We don’t just send you a list of candidates and send you on your way. Our team is constantly looking for Pesto graduates who are perfect for your software engineering needs. 

Easy To Use, Easy To Hire

In addition to receiving email updates after a new class graduates, the Clipboard Health team could logon to their partner portal and view dozens of candidates for a specific role and request an interview in just a few clicks.

The easy to navigate dashboard made it incredibly easy to review and schedule interviews with promising potential hires. 

At Pesto we take a hands on approach to helping companies find the perfect fit for their open positions.

Overall, Clipboard Health really enjoyed their experience with Pesto and has hired several Pesto graduates, “The value that our pesto hires have brought to our business is immeasurable,” says Max Lu.

You can learn more about Clipboard Health by visiting their website.

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